We live our lives staying within boundaries, we work, we eat and drink and then we sleep.  Now I’m lucky in my life, I enjoy work, I love food and drink and I love sleep, but why I’m lucky goes beyond these fundamentals. It’s about what you fill the rest of your life with that really counts.

I have a wonderful family and I couldn’t have better friends, some of these family members and friends taught me you don’t have to stay in those boundaries, ‘they’re more of a guide’.  It’s this that makes us free and in our extreme sport world that’s what we call freeride, being free, letting nature dictate the path we take.  Now some people are mountain people, others water or land, but for most it’s more than one.

Gone are the days of having to be a part of different communities specific to sport, belong to one, one that embraces and accepts all extreme sports and live beyond those boundaries… what a concept!

See what’s out there, see the cross-overs of the sports with no excuses, be a part of the Freeride Project.  One place to house all mountain, land and sea sports and where you can do them. The freeride project will have them all and best of all you the community create it.

We might not be able to go and do what we love all the time, we might have to work 11 and a half months a year to be able to afford it, but the freeride project will tell you where you can do it 

The Freeride Project

Live – Discover – Explore

Where will you ride next?