At the Freeride Project we like to do things a bit different. Our Ambassadors can be broken down into three areas of the extreme sports industry, from the people who create the ideas, to the Athletes who make it reality and the Artists that capture what unfolds.  

Individually we are all maverick’s, people that act in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected way, the perfect Freeriders, together we make the perfect team

Meet The Crew

Ambassadors – the creators, the ones that push the sport, the idea of the Freeride Project and developing the Freeride Project’s community.

Athletes – Not just what it says on the tin, our athletes buy into the concept of the Freeride Project and are carefully selected to be the best Freeriders.

Artists – these are the people that design our equipment, design the wicked graphics, capture the moment with photography and videography and provide the music we love to ride to.

Want to join the team?

Fancy joining the Freeride Project team as a ambassador or athlete drop us an email telling us all about you and your sport.

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