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‘I started riding BMX when I was 15, It was  an old skool BMX video called Props BMX & Madd Matt (Matt Hoffman) that inspired me’

Since that day I just cant forget about being on my BMX! See inspiration all around me related to BMX, seeing spots and things you would like to ride just keep BMX constantly in my mind.

I have always watched BMX videos online to give me ideas and get me pumped to ride. I Was led to the Freeride Project through visiting some dirt jumps and meeting another rider Matt Talbot who later passed my name on to do some pics/videos for them.  We didn’t know each other at the time but being like minded we got along so he  put my name to them.

Find that most of my close friends have been through BMX. All energetic youthful people that push each other to progress, constant fun times . Keeping a good group of friends is key in my eyes , good for progression days out riding holidays, and lasting friendships all made through the sport I love. When I’m not at work I like to spend as much time as I can riding a mixture of indoor and outdoor parks depending on weather. Trails/dirtjumps are where I  would spend all of my time if I could . The dream is to get out to California and ride some iconic spots, ‘Sheephills’ is where i hope to ride soon! I’m also into snowboarding, i get same buzz, cool people all in it for fun/goodtimes, perfect mix would be bmxer all summer snowboarding all winter.

I think the Freeride Project is am amazing idea to document all spots for extreme sports to explore. Giving more people the chance to connect through their passions /hobby. Good times , friendships and progress can come from that in my eyes..

Im looking forward to working with the Freeride Project in creating this platform, cant wait to visit spots I know, sharing them and being shown new ones along the way. Alan4 Alan2 Instagram – Facebook –

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