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The SUP Movie

The SUP Movie

Stand Up Paddle is going from strength tho strength. Originally from Hawaii SUP is attributed to the Waikiki Beach Boys of Oahu during the 1960s but a direct link has to be made to the native Hawaiian outrigger canoe. The outrigger canoe was often used in the Hawaiian cultural rite of passage, and stand up paddling while coming back in on the surf was the norm.

Now SUP has become even more diverse, a certain SUP community enjoy the fitness element of the sport crossing it with yoga, but I love the grass roots, the big waves. The SUP Movie does exactly that as it follows Kai Lenny chasing the world’s most perfect waves and if that wasn’t enough he’s joined by the legend that is Laird Hamilton and world class athletes Noa Ginella, Connor Baxter, Kody Kerbox, Zane Schweitzer, sean Poynter, Ridge Lenny, Mo Freitas, Izzi Gomez, Bernd Roediger

Full movie at Red Bull TV

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