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Newport PO30 4HB, United Kingdom
Sport: Bodyboarding/Surfing
Place and where to find it: There's a carpark just further down from freshwater golf course, from here head down the steps and you'll see the break

Suited To:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Compton, United Kingdom, 


This break is suited to all surfers, a nice beach break but with sand, pebbles and rock underneath.

The wave breaks both left and right with fun waves with enough power to work short and long boards. With a short ride length of about 50 meters it certainly provides a good work out.

Look for a southwest swell and northly winds for it's potential to be unleased, then catch a mid-tide on the rise

Few surfers in the week but get crowded at the weekend, but the local surfers are very friendly


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