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TR19 7BT
Place and where to find it: Sennen Cove is located in southwest Cornwall about 1 mile away from Lands End

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United Kingdom TR19 7BT


Sennen Cove is located in southwest Cornwall about 1 mile away from Lands End. To call this place a cove probably does it an injustice and is described by many as a bay and what a beautiful bay it is. On the road into Sennen you start a gentle decline but about 300 yrds from the village this becomes very steep. The south of the village is home the RNLI and the harbour wall, but if you travel a bit further north you will grab a good vantage point of what the bay has to offer, it is from here you can see the surfers bobbing around in the wave and can get a great idea of the best pick up points.

So what’s the surf like? – This isn’t a secret spot, surfers have been coming here since the early 60’s and there is a good reason for this. The waves are clean, crystal clear and consistent. But there are plenty of waves to go around and Sennen doesn’t have the feel of the more commercial over filled breaks that the more popular Cornish beaches have. The waves throughout the summer are smaller, but a lifeguard presence means it’s a safe place to learn. The best wave as for the most of our west coast come late August and September. Sennen will definitely deliver form beginner to advanced surfers and it still offers that real traditional Cornish feel.

If you want to learn to surf these guys come highly recommended

Keep an eye on the local webcams so you catch Sennen at its best

A little Secret…

For the Advanced surfer there is the opportunity to head north at low tide where the beach at Gwynver is revealed where it can pick up more swell for a more challenging wave.

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